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Drawing by Booklynne, a student who came to the Author Go round in Santa Barbara.
California Young Reader Medal Winner

"The attitude that carries Jack through adventure after adventure to nothing short of a fairy-tale ending--complete with sheep--will win readers over and keep them rooting for him all the way."

--Kirkus Reviews


WOLF, the sequel to SHEEP, is now available in bookstores and online!


One of my very favorite fan letters:


Hello Mrs. Hobbs~
I am a teacher in Ohio and am reading your book, Sheep, to my 3rd graders for the 7th year in a row. I have also read Sheep to my 5th grade Summer Intervention students for the past 6 summers. This truly is a student favorite, regardless of the age, ability, or life experiences. We just finished the book and I am not sure who is more excited about Wolf, myself or my students. I find Sheep can relate to so many students for so many different reasons and the discussions we have as a class are so rich and authentic. I can only imagine the hours, patience and dedication it takes to write a book but I would just like to encourage you to continue your work because you are amazing!

Happy Writing!
Krisitna Roggenkamp
3rd Grade Teacher
Hanby Elementary
Westerville, Ohio


And another from six-grade teacher teacher Janet LaMontagne after a Skype visit:


Thank you so much for your time yesterday. The kids were beyond excited. For the most part they came to me in September as reluctant readers, and I can't tell you what a thrill it is to see them so enthused about meeting an author. They can't wait to get the books you recommended. Thank you for this potentially life-changing experience. I hope to repeat the experience each year!