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Schedule A School Visit--in person or on the screen.

Valerie Hobbs has over twenty years experience as a writing teacher. She has facilitated numerous writing workshops and presented her program "Only You Can Tell Your Story" at many public and private schools. Contact Valerie to schedule a presentation and/or writing workshop at your school. Grades 3-12.

"Her empathy, as well as her respect for the intelligence and integrity of these budding young adults, won them over in person, just as it had in her books." Mary Kuntsal, Montessori Center School


My fees:

$950 for a full day, which can include a combination of auditorium and classroom presentations, as well as writing workshops.

Out-of-town: $950 plus transportation and lodging. Contact other schools in your area for visits over several days and share expenses.

Discounts for local schools!

FREE SKYPE VISIT for any class familiar with my books!