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Drawing by Booklynne, a student who came to the Author Go round in Santa Barbara.

California Young Reader Medal Winner

"The attitude that carries Jack through adventure after adventure to nothing short of a fairy-tale ending--complete with sheep--will win readers over and keep them rooting for him all the way."
--Kirkus Reviews

WOLF, the sequel to SHEEP, is now available in bookstores and online!

One of my very favorite fan letters:

Hello Mrs. Hobbs~
I am a teacher in Ohio and am reading your book, Sheep, to my 3rd graders for the 7th year in a row. I have also read Sheep to my 5th grade Summer Intervention students for the past 6 summers. This truly is a student favorite, regardless of the age, ability, or life experiences. We just finished the book and I am not sure who is more excited about Wolf, myself or my students. I find Sheep can relate to so many students for so many different reasons and the discussions we have as a class are so rich and authentic. I can only imagine the hours, patience and dedication it takes to write a book but I would just like to encourage you to continue your work because you are amazing!

Happy Writing!
Krisitna Roggenkamp
3rd Grade Teacher
Hanby Elementary
Westerville, Ohio

And another from six-grade teacher teacher Janet LaMontagne after a Skype visit:

Thank you so much for your time yesterday. The kids were beyond excited. For the most part they came to me in September as reluctant readers, and I can't tell you what a thrill it is to see them so enthused about meeting an author. They can't wait to get the books you recommended. Thank you for this potentially life-changing experience. I hope to repeat the experience each year!

Middle-grade and Young Adult Books

The heartwarming story of a dog and boy who find each other when hope is nearly gone. A California Young Reader Medal Winner!
The border collie, Jack, and his best friend, Luke, have had a great life for the past four years with their adopted parents on their sheep ranch in Northern California. But now a pack of coyotes has started picking off the sheep and Jack feels responsible. He is confident that he and the other dogs he has trained can take care of those coyotes once and for all. But what if the predator is not a coyote, but a much larger and fiercer animal? Jack is older and slower than he used to be. Is he still up to the challenge?
Diminutive, shy, and quiet, sixth-grader Minnie McClary learns how to use her power and her voice to stand up for what she knows is right. A Bankstreet College Book Of The Year!
A homeless dog and a homeless girl find each other and start a new life together. A Bankstreet College Book Of The Year!
"The victory of the human spirit shines through Defiance like the sun."
--Suzanne Fisher Staples
A Kirkus and School Library Journal Best Books of the Year
Life changes for Lucy when she visits her grandmother at the end of a very special summer. A Booklist Best Books of the Year book
Young Adult action and romance. Now available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle A BIG PICTURE award winner!
The book that jumpstarted my career and won me a Flying Start award from Publisher's Weekly. Young Adult (12-18). An American Library Association Best Book Of the Year
In the late 1960's, fourteen-year-old Cory's life is greatly changed by the sudden death of her father and her brother's tour of duty in Vietnam. A Bankstreet College best book of the year
"With all my heart, I loved Bobby James Walker. I forgave him, too. But I did not want to see him anymore. Not then, and maybe not ever." Sally Jo Walker An American Library Association best book for reluctant readers

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